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In accordance with my firm belief that well established genealogical data should be FREELY available AND accessible, I utterly and completely REVOKE any and all claim to copyright protection for ANYTHING that appears on this web page and any of its sub-pages accessed via its hyperlinks.   Robert L. Billard  12/30/2004. So feel free to copy anything you see here.

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For you diehard masochists, these files can be viewed online, or I have also included compressed 'zip' files so you can easily download them onto your own computer to peruse at your leisure.

If anyone has any of this type of file of marriages or baptisms and would truly like to share it, copyright free, for the aid and benefit of all, please feel free to forward it to me for inclusion in these pages.

With apologies to the purists, I have decided that these files will not be the standard, static files simply repeating what appears in printed works, with all their mistakes, omissions, etc.  Rather they will be dynamic, often updated to reflect corrections and additional data as it is found.  One type of data to add would be the established surnames adopted by the early families, a simple example is for 'Wiert Epkens'.  The Banta surname can be added as 'Wiert Epkens [Banta]'.  Another important addition to be made is in the Marriage records.  I have found that many entries are for a widow but that info is not stated, plus her name is given using her prior husbands surname instead of her maiden name.  One entry reads: '1709 19 May; William Brouwer; Maria Hennion'.  In my file it now reads: '1709 19 May; William Brouwer; Maria Hennion [Marytje Van Oort wid Pieter Henjon]'.  Any of this additional info that I am less than 90 percent sure of, I have added a question mark in the brackets.  I have not been replacing info with these corrections or additions, but have been adding it to the records in brackets.  Update: Some of these records are such a mess, requiring so many changes, and to have them work properly with RecordSearch, I have mostly given up with the brackets and am simply making the changes.

Do yourself a favor and download RecordSearch , it's free!  This is an indispensable, powerful tool for searching through this huge amount of info.

   Feel free to check out my RecordSearch program to help dig through these files.

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This is a quick list of many of the files available for download in format to be used with the RecordSearch program.  Scroll down the page for more information on the files.

Click here to view a complete up-to-date (4/10/2012) list of all files included with th RecordSearch program.

   Here you may download the 'zipped' file or view the file online.

1.              New Amsterdam marriages 1639-1801
2.                New Amsterdam baptisms 1639-1730
3.              New Amsterdam baptisms 1731-1800
4.          Port Richmond, S.I. baptisms 1696-1790
5.                Moravian Church, S.I. marriages 1764-1863
6.                  Albany, N.Y. marriages
7.                    Albany, N.Y. baptisms 1683-1724
8.               Kingston, N.Y. marriages 1660-1809
9.                 Kingston, N.Y. baptisms 1660-1809
10.                   Bergen, N.J. marriages 1660-1788 
11.                     Bergen, N.J. baptisms 1666-1789
12.               Jamaica, L.I. membership 1786-1884
13.                Flatbush, L.I. marriages 1677-1757
14.                  Flatbush, L.I. baptisms 1677-1754
15.              Newtown, L.I. marriages 1835-1846
16.                Newtown, L.I. baptisms 1736-1817
17.            New York French Church marriages 1699-1801
18.              New York French Church Baptisms 1688-1804
19.       Schenectady, N.Y. marriages 1662-1800
20.         Schenectady, N.Y. baptisms 1662-1800
21.                           Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. marriages 1698-1790
22.                             Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. baptisms 1697-1786
23.              N.Y. Marriage licenses prev to 1784

      The following were uploaded 10/10/2009.

24.     NY Marriage Licenses - Supplementary
25.          Selyns List of Members, DRC, NY - 1686
26.              Clarkstown, NY, DRC baptisms 1749-1795
27.                 Coxsackie DRC baptisms 1738-1900
28.                Flatbush DRC Marriages 1787-1872
29.                  Flatbush DRC baptisms
30.               Flatbush DRC members 167? - 168?
31.                   Flatlands DRC baptisms 1747-1802
32.            Flatlands birth certificates 1880-1883
33.                Gravesend DRC Baptisms 1715-1805
34.               Letters of Administration, NY 1743-1783
35.               New Jersey marriage licenses 1663-1797
36.                         Poughkeepsie DRC baptisms 1716-1824
37.                           Ship Passenger lists to NA 1657-1664
38.                           Marriage Licenses from NY Will Libers 1691-1705

or here is one super file that contains all of the above:

Arranged According to the Streets of the City

First Settlement by Europeans to 1700;


Sleepy Hollow (Phillipsburg), N.Y.  Marriages: 1698-1790      Baptisms: 1697-1786

These are the marriage and baptism records from the DRC of Phillipsburg, N.Y.  This is NOT an exact, accurate copy, but rather a much altered version of the information set in (what I believe to be) a much more useful format.  By altered, I mean that I have been 'standardizing' some of the many spelling variations for the same name, also, with much cross checking, filling in maiden names for mothers and witnesses.  I have only done a small percentage so far, but it is VERY time consuming and I have to work on other things.  I will continue to work on this as time permits.

Province of New York - Marriage Licenses

Names of persons for whom Marriage Licenses were issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York, previous to 1784.

For consistency, these are arranged in date order in the format of: Date; Husband; Wife.  This is NOT an exact, accurate copy, but rather a distillation of the pertinent information set in (what I believe to be) a more useful format.  This shows the date the License was issued, NOT the date of marriage.
There are some obvious errors that appear in the publication.


NEW AMSTERDAM  Marriages: 1639-1801   Baptisms: 1639-1730

From Samuel S. Purple's 'Records of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York, Marriages from 11 December 1639 to 26 August 1801.'

The beginning records show the date the Banns were registered, NOT the date of marriage. Starting on 9/20/1673 marriage dates are given.

In a similar fashion, I also have the New Amsterdam Baptisms from 1639-1730.
These are complete to the end of 1730 as per Vol II of the
'Collections of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 1901'.

I have recently spent a few months proofreading this against the printed volume.  My
file corrects hundreds of typos, omissions, and scrambled entries.  It is now more
accurate than any other version to be found.

I am pleased to announce the addition of the New Amsterdam DRC Baptisms from 1731-1800.
These are complete to the end of 1800 as per Vol III of the
'Collections of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 1902'.
Facsimile reprint published by Bergen Historic Books.

I regret that this has not been as carefully proofread as the earlier Baptism file. 
I am sure there are still many of my own typos to be found. This is primarily due to the realization that the printed records are a mess, and further proofreading would be an exercise in futility. The vast number of errors and discrepancies in the printed records can be attributed to many factors; problems reading handwriting, translation errors, typesetting errors, different recordkeepers spelling the same names differently, etc. That being said, this file corrects hundreds of typos, omissions, and scrambled entries.  It is more accurate than any other version to be found.

Baptisms: 1731-1800 


From  'Staten Island Church Records' by Tobias Alexander Wright.

Reformed Dutch Church of Port Richmond, Staten Island, N.Y. - Baptisms - 1696-1790

Moravian Church (United Brethren Congregation), Staten Island - Marriages - 1764-1863



ALBANY, N.Y.   Marriages: 1683-1724   Baptisms: 1683-1724

These are the marriage records from the DRC of Albany, N.Y., mainly from the Holland Society Yearbook. 



From 'Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York (formerly named Wiltwick, and often familiarly called Esopus or 'Sopus), for One Hundred and fifty Years from their commencement in 1660', edited by Roswell Randall Hoes, 1891.

There is much more information in the book, especially about location of place-names.

Marriages: 1660-1809  (b) denotes date of Banns, not marriage
                                        (lic) denotes married with a license

Baptisms: 1660-1809


Apparently my grandfather, John Lott Bergen was a member of the Holland Society for a number of years, so I am fortunate in having my own copies of a couple of their yearbooks.  Therefore I have entered the marriages and baptisms for the Reformed Dutch Church of Bergen, New Jersey from the 1913 and 1914 yearbooks.

Marriages: 1666-1788

Baptisms: 1666-1789

  These are presented in the format of:
  Date; Father, Mother; Child; Witness1, Witness2, etc.
  Some entries contain additional information:
  b. - apparently indicates birth date instead of baptism date
  b. 4/23 - birth date
  2c - would indicate second child
  3s - would indicate third son
  1d - would indicate first daughter

FLATBUSH, N.Y.   Marriages 1677-1757   Baptisms 1677-1754

From  'Flatbush Dutch Church Marriages and Baptisms', Holland Society Yearbook, 1898.



Baptisms of the DRC Newtown, L.I., from  LDS Microfilm #17803.

Baptisms 1736-1817       Marriages 1835-1846


French Church, New York, N.Y.

Marriages of the French Church of New York 1699-1801

Baptisms of the French Church of New York 1688-1804

These files are from data extracted from the published book:

'Registers of the Births, Marriages, and Deaths of the "Eglise Francoise a la Nouvelle York", from 1688 to 1804'  edited by Rev. Alfred V. Wittmeyer.

There is much more information in the book, which should definitely be consulted by any serious researchers.

Schenectady, N.Y.

These are records extracted from the published book:

   'Contributions for the Genealogies of the Descendants of the First Settlers
    of the Patent and City of Schenectady, from 1662 to 1800'
          by Jonathan Pearson, originally published 1873

Due to the manner in which the book was written, a high percentage of these records
do NOT have proper dates, but rather a series of question marks.  The book is presented
as mini family histories as opposed to chronological church records.  For accurate research,
ALL information in these files should be double checked and verified by other sources.
These files should be regarded simply as an AID to ones research.

Here is one large file that maintains the family grouping format as in the book.  This is
EXTRACTED information, and NOT a word-for-word transcript.

Schenectady Marriages: extracted from the above, for use with RecordSearch

Schenectady Baptisms: extracted from the above, for use with RecordSearch

There is much more information in the book, which should definitely be consulted by any serious researchers.



 Also, at one point I was feeling ambitious and scanned in the Appendix from the book 'History of the First Reformed Dutch Church of Jamaica, N.Y.' by Rev. W. H. DeHart, published in 1884.  It indicates when people joined the Church.  What makes it unique is that it includes the maiden names of almost every married female that joined.  I have it broken down in ten files.  Interesting reading for anyone researching Jamaica.

History of the Dutch Reformed Church:

Zip and list files are available above, or here are
individual pages following the format of the book.

    Page 1           Page 2           Page 3           Page 4           Page 5

    Page 6           Page 7           Page 8           Page 9           Page 10


In pamphlet form, I also have two directories of the First Reformed Dutch Church of Jamaica that contain lists of members with addresses.

            Directory - 1901                         Directory - 1904

From July, 1917, Church publication, BMD info

           Dutch Courier


Another of my little treasures is a pamphlet printed by Maple Grove Cemetery, Richmond Hill, Queens County, New York, 1908.  It's actually a fancy advertisement but also includes a list of proprietors of the cemetery.  It is NOT a list of people interred, but rather a list of grave or plot owners.

     View the Maple Grove list.