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These are scanned images of several calling cards I have.  The majority are from Jamaica, LI, 
mostly from the 1880's & 1890's.

ccard1.jpg (417847 bytes)                                                                     ccard2.jpg (417773 bytes) 


John L. Bergen

Mr. & Mrs. Teunis J. Bergen

Mr. Irving J. Blair

Mrs. Irving J. Blair

Mrs. Maria D. Booth


Mr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Brower

Mrs. Andrew S. Brower

Mr. Alexander Carpenter

Mrs. Alexander Higbie Carpenter

Mrs. James Constable

Mrs. John L. Bergen

Mrs. Anna Bergen

Mr. Cornelius J. Bergen

Mrs. Cornelius J. Bergen

Mrs. Cornelius J. Bergen

ccard3.jpg (390133 bytes)                                                                      ccard4.jpg (468133 bytes)



Miss Laura Constable

Mrs. Josie E. Crossman

Mr. A. Elmer DeBevoise

Mr. & Mrs. Abram J. DeBevoise

Mr. Charles T. deBevoise

Mrs. Charles T. deBevoise


ccard5.jpg (439204 bytes)                                                                       ccard6.jpg (356395 bytes)


Miss Catharine Ditmis

Mr. George S. Downing

Mrs. George Smith Downing

Mr. Alvin Mason Dunham

Mrs. Alvin Mason Dunham

Mrs. Jennie A. Duryea

Mr. & Mrs. Ditmars Eldert

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Eldert

Mr. Frank E. Griffin

Miss Sarah Alletta Griffin


Miss Dorothy O. DeBevoise

Hester E. DeBevoise

Mr. Andrew Ditmas

Mrs. A. Ditmas

Miss Ditmas


ccard7.jpg (506678 bytes)                                                                          ccard8.jpg (383916 bytes)


Mr. Joseph Duke Harrison

Mrs. Joseph Duke Harrison

Mr. & Mrs. T?. S. Hegeman

Mr. John W. Hegeman

Mrs. David Hopkins



ccard9.jpg (348230 bytes)                                                                           ccard10.jpg (432548 bytes)

Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Lott

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lott

Miss Maria H. Lott
   Janettie V.S. Lott

Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur Lott

P. L. Hull, D.D.S.

Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis Jackson

Miss Maria Booth Jackson

Mr. William D. Llewellyn

Mrs. William D. Llewellyn


ccard11.jpg (348230 bytes)                                                                            ccard12.jpg (255986 bytes)


Dr. George Kissam Meynen

Mrs. George Kissam Meynen

Mr. Frank B. Mott

Mrs. Frank B. Mott

Frank B. Mott, Jr.
   born 2/26/1910


Mr. Henry L. Nostrand

Mrs. Henry Lott Nostrand

Miss Margaret Townsend Nostrand

Miss Nostrand

ccard13.jpg (431622 bytes)                                                                             ccard14.jpg (373331 bytes)

A. Judson Palmer, M.D.

Mrs. A. J. Palmer

Miss Palmer

Mrs. William B. Pierson

Mr. Frederick H. Post



Mr. Geo. S. Prince

Mr. John D. Prince, Jr.

Mrs. John D. Prince, Jr.

Miss Prince


ccard15.jpg (430819 bytes)                                                                             ccard16.jpg (295427 bytes)

Dr. John Elmer Ryder

Mrs. J. Elmer Ryder

Mrs. J. L. Ryder

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Ryder

Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Ryder

Mr. Jacob V. Ryerson

Mrs. Jacob Vanderveer Ryerson

Mr. Alfred F. Simonson

Mrs. David Springsteen


ccard17.jpg (560362 bytes)                                                                             ccard18.jpg (473285 bytes)

J. T. Suydam

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Suydam

Miss Jennie S. Suydam

Warren R. Suydam
   John T. Suydam, Jr.
   Daniel R. SuydamMrs. Lewis T. Titus

Mr. & Mrs. William Van Dine


Mr. Abram C. Van Siclen

Mrs. Abram C. Van Siclen

Mrs. C. E. Van Siclen

Mr. G. S. Van Siclen

Mrs. G. S. Van Siclen

ccard19.jpg (363256 bytes)                                                                             ccard20.jpg (280592 bytes)

Mrs. Frank K. Warren

Mr. George Tyler Watts

Mrs. George Tyler Watts

Mr. & Mrs. G. T. Watts




Mr. Arthur van Sinderen Woodruff

Mr. Franklin Woodruff

Mrs. Abram Wyckoff